The Perfect Anal Sex with Great Videos

Sodomy can be performed with a spoon, doggy style or with the woman lying on her stomach (but she may feel more constrained). The right position is the one where you feel the most comfortable physically and psychologically.

Do not follow up on vaginal penetration

This requires changing condoms or washing the penis: fecal germs disrupt the vaginal flora and risk causing a vaginal infection.

A recurring fantasy in men, a practice appreciated by some women, anal penetration remains taboo and controversial. How to properly practice anal intercourse? What can be the benefit of sodomy for the couple? What danger of sodomy to avoid? The turn of the question to know everything about anal sex and BBC anal gangbang.

Anal coitus: how to practice anal penetration for the first time?

Homosexual or heterosexual couples, the majority of partners are concerned by this observation: anal coitus is not an easy sexual practice to implement because the man or the woman refuses it, because the lovers do not dare to mention it or because the partners do not know how to go about removing certain obstacles in the order of comfort and comfort ‘hygiene. However, sodomy as well as any other form of anal penetration can provide intense sexual pleasure. To lift the taboos and learn about anal coitus in order to realize a fantasy or simply test a new practice to spice up their sexual relations, the couple have solutions.

Demystifying anal coitus

Anal penetration is surrounded by many received ideas with negative connotations: painful, violent, dirty or degrading, it only tempts a few couples. When it comes to an unprecedented sexual practice for one of the partners, the other can discuss their own experience. When neither of the two lovers has ever tried it, they can talk about it together. In any case, it is not recommended to initiate sodomy without having spoken about it beforehand. By communicating about anal penetration, the man and the woman demystify the subject by putting words on this taboo. While some will remain hermetic to anal intercourse, others will be able to indulge in it more easily.

Rimming, anal massage or prostate stimulation: start with foreplay

For the first time, it may be useful to start with well-chosen foreplay. The anal area remains intimate and sensitive, so it is important to take care of it. The massage of the anus can represent a good introduction, insofar as this area of ​​the body very innervated, well stimulated, can be at the origin of an inciting sexual pleasure. This step also makes it possible to dilate the anus to facilitate the penetration which follows. The woman can also stimulate the prostate of her partner: by sharing the experience of anal penetration, the lovers find themselves on an equal footing which eventually favors the anal coitus that follows. The most daring also try rimming, a source of ecstasy when it is performed in good hygienic conditions.